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  • 122-6961-web.jpg

    Textures of a backyard

    Image from my second book: “Insomnia – Night takes Berlin”. You can order the book here: https://goo.gl/HV3ET2 Or have a look in the online version here: https://goo.gl/JojL8a Berlin, Germany – 2015, December…

  • 128-8351-new-web.jpg

    The well tempered gardener

    Heringen, Germany – 2016, April 27 (ISO 400, f8 @ 24mm, 108sec., 20:00)

  • 153_1253.jpg

    Parking lot and radio towers

    Macao, China – 2016, October 05 (ISO 2000, f2 @ 24mm, 2sec., 22:41)

  • 128-8208-1024x683.jpg

    Coming soon: “Closer to the matter”

    This is the landscape I have been visiting for my upcoming series: “Closer to the matter”. I took this image from my room in the first night while I stayed there. It…

  • 108_4553.jpg

    Backstage, French-German funfair, Berlin

    (ISO 100, f5 @ 30mm, 30sec., 00:17)

  • 108_4588_capture-one.jpg

    Parking lot, Allée du Stade, Berlin

    (ISO 200, f2.8 @ 30mm, 3sec., 01:04) This is the parking lot of the French-German funfair in Berlin after midnight. Yes, I went into the funfair after it closed and I start…