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June 01: Insomnia – Night Takes Berlin
I am happy to announce the release of this Camera Infinita photobook with a selection of my Berlin images and a fine introduction by Paul Sullivan.
Please check out the preview here:

Insomnia - A new photobook by Camera Infinita and Markus Lehr

May 08: My series “closer to the matter” is featured in “12 Landscape Short Stories” by Camera Infinita.
The international photography magazine is available in print and “online” form.


September 27: Started to publish my series “the china files or that wonderful gift of uncertainty”

July 27: New series online “closer to the matter”

March 17: Group show, Reclaim Photography West Midlands 2016, Long Gallery and Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Monday 11 to Wednesday 27 Aptil 2016: read more

January 30: Solo exhibition at McKinsey & Company, Inc. in Munich from January, the 30th until April, 30th, 2016: read more


October 17: Featured with an article on photography magazine “Terratory” with my series modern ruins

October 12: Canadian music label King Deluxe and Dutch artist Beatsofreen chose to work with me for the cover art of their “Full Circle” release: read more

October 09: Taking part in a group exhibition in Berlin at Rahmen & Kunst Alexandra Erlhoff, Winsstrasse 70, 10405 Berlin: read more

September 28: New series online “this might get ugly”

August 24: Featured in Lumaho 02/2015

June 21: One of my images has been used in a publication about Mies van der Rohe’s Neue National Gallerie, Berlin.
See it on “” read more.

June 21: New series online “au revoir Völklingen” read more.

April 27: Featured on thisveryinstant

March 12: Interview with me on Slow Travel Berlin read more

March 12: Featured in Spanish language on Markus Lehr fotografa as ruínas das sociedades modernas ocidentais. Ele retrata como esses cenários manufaturados chegam ao fim e o contraste que as cidades tem quando comparados com esses locais industriais que são deixados para o tempo. read more

February 20: Featured on Photography Served on Adobe’s Behance Network with my series Notes from the Rust Belt

January 12: More images of the opening by Manfred Carpentier and Eva Bruhns

January 11: Berlin based photo magazine “Brennpunkt” #01/2015 about the exhibition: download

January 10: First images of the opening by Frank Machalowski

January 10: Featured on Photography Served on Adobe’s Behance Network with my series Urban Fragments

January 09: Taking part in a group exhibition about urban photography at Gallery Carpentier in Berlin: read more


December 01: Interview with me on mullitover read more

November 23: Taking part in the first Berlin Büchermarkt zu Stadtfotografie (Berlin Photographer’s booktable) read more

November 03: Interview with me on milkwithtea read more

October 27: New series online: “Cambrium” read more

October 21: Fairytales & Nightingales: My book is featured on photographyserved today.
Thanks a lot Oscar.

October 01: Featured with an essay in the latest issue of the Inspired Eye: read more
Thank you Olivier.

July 27: Series “notes from the rust belt” featured on
“The Ruhr area used to be the heart of Germany’s heavy industry….” read more

July 17: Interview with me on
“Your latest series Notes from the Rust Belt is associated with the post industrial decay and economic loss in many Northeastern states of the US…” read more

June 02: New series online “Notes from the rust belt” read more.

May 08: “A place where there is no night and no day”, featured on read more

April 29: Series “Zentralflughafen” featured on
“Fascinating Pictures of an Abandoned Airport. In his ongoing series ‘Zentralflughafen‘, Markus Lehr explores the Tempelhof airport in Berlin…” read more

April 25: Getting some attention in Korea: read more

April 24: Interview with me on
“Markus told us how he got started in photography…” read more

April 14: Featured by Willson Cummer on read more

April 13: Opening Nights featured on read more

April 13: Opening Nights featured on Photographist read more

April 08: Fairytales & Nightingales: Urban Photography by Markus Lehr
Markus Lehr is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany. His photography is an exploration of urban topology and how it changes through time. “I seek out the forgotten, neglected places and try to read their stories,” he says. read more at

February 20: Fairytales and Nightingales: Uncanny Urban Scenes from Photographer Markus Lehr
In this series of photos from his book, Fairytales and Nightingales, German photographer Markus Lehr manages to capture eerily lit scenes that seem snatched out of some narrative or movie. read more at

February 16: Exploring Humanity Through Forgotten and Abandoned Places
Sometimes the most important stories about mankind are found in places where no human beings remain, the forgotten places of man. Markus Lehr ventures into these forgotten locations, abandoned buildings, streets, parks, and stores to show us more about humanity by our absence than by our presence. Markus stages the pictures to draw our focus to not only the objects he centers the photograph on, but the surroundings, too. read more at

January 31: Two of my images where selected for the daily inspiration page on


December 12: Available now: Fairytales and Nightingales (104 pages, 64 images, linen cover, thread stitch binding, bookmark ribbon, printed on 170g fine art paper). read more

October 20: BEWAREXHIBIT, 173 Rue St. Martin, 75003 Paris, Group exhibition

August 09: Markus Lehr, et nuit prend vie, featured on
Markus Lehr est un photographe allemand. Pour nous offrir ses paysages urbain, il parcours les friches industrielles et les rues à la recherche de lieux façonnés par l’Homme et dans lesquels aucune forme de vie n’est présente.
Il en découle une atmosphère troublante, presque flippante. Les lieux qu’il immortalise semblent à l’abandon depuis des siècles tant ils sont vides et paisibles.
Erwan Manchec, read more

January 20: Markus captures an empty world with only the traces of humans in it. Empty Streets, train depots all the places which people create but vacate at the end of each day. The stillness is quite a contrast to the long exposures he uses, but that’s what really grabbed me about his work, each frame is so well thought out, it feels like it’s always existed. His pieces are like stills from a film more often than not, where all the characters have just walked of the set.
Andrew Wurster, urbanphotomag


November 20: Publikumspreis of the German Architects federation
One of my images helped scarchitekten to recieve the Publikumspreis of the German Architects federation. read more

October 12: How Bright is the Moon?
The Technical University Darmstadt, Germany used one of my images in a study about human perception in dark environments.